5 must-see sites near Sóller

By Racó de Sóller, 03 April 2023

Sóller is known for being one of the most picturesque towns on the island of Mallorca (Balearic Islands). La Vall de Soller, as it is also known, is surrounded by mountains and age-old terraces where the coveted Sóller oranges are grown. This landscape is steeped in beauty and history and combines perfectly with the magic of the Mediterranean Sea, which offers another of the area's great attractions, the famous Port de Sóller.

Located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011, Sóller is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns on the western Mediterranean coast. With a fascinating history and truly extraordinary scenery boasting countless groves stretching up into the mountains, flanked by the marges (dry stone walls) that for centuries have allowed local farmers to cultivate citrus trees such as oranges and lemons.

Sóller has enjoyed periods of economic prosperity, particularly those tied to the booming orange trade. Introduced more than five hundred years ago by the Arabs, the geography and climate of the area, as well as extensive knowledge regarding their cultivation, have made Sóller a world leader in the production of these citrus fruits.

The town of Sóller is famous for its stone houses and narrow cobbled streets where you can lose all sense of time. The houses are generally in a French style with Art Nouveau and Art Deco influences, such as the imposing C'an Prunera, which is also home to a beautiful collection of modern and contemporary art. The magnificent Plaza de la Constitución is the focal point of this small town, home to the magnificent church of Sant Bartomeu and the Town Hall, the early 20th century streetcar that winds its way through the crowds and the small terraces of bars and restaurants, all of which make Sóller a magical and marvelous destination.

La Vall de Sóller offers an enormous range of options to enjoy a vacation with family, friends or a solo adventure. In addition to Sóller, the valley is also home to other nearby villages such as Biniaraix or Fornalutx, where you will also find unique spots full of magic, grandeur and beauty. The nature that is so prevalent in this landscape also offers activities for the more adventurous, such as cycling, hiking and even climbing routes.

At El Racó de Sóller, you can enjoy this enchanting location with all the comforts of a rustic and modern house. The panoramic terrace, as well as the swimming pool and Mediterranean garden offer breathtaking views over the meeting point between the mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana and the Mediterranean Sea.
Nevertheless, let's take it one step at a time as there is a lot to share with you to ensure you have the best possible experience in La Vall de Sóller. Here is a selection of the 5 most charming spots in Sóller that are a must if you are visiting the valley or staying in El Racó de Sóller:

   1. Plaza de la Constitución
   2. The Sóller streetcar
   3. The Sóller train
   4. The Sóller orange groves
   5. Port de Sóller

Plaza de la Constitución

The Plaza de la Constitución, at the heart of Sóller, is the central hub and where some of the town's most iconic and historic buildings can be found. It is also where most of the festivals and public events are held.

It is the perfect place to hang out and enjoy a coffee or a beer with your friends on one of its terraces while taking in the majestic views of the various buildings such as the Casa de la Vila (Sóller Town Hall), the Church of Sant Bartomeu, the Bank of Sóller or Can Bordils.

The square is the perfect place to sample the local gastronomy thanks to its wide range of restaurants. 
In the Plaza de la Constitución, you can also see one of Sóller's most popular attractions, the streetcar, which connects Port de Sóller and Sóller.

The Sóller streetcar

The Sóller streetcar is the most iconic tourist attraction in the town. Its construction dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. When the construction of the train line between Palma and Sóller was completed, the possibility of extending it to Port de Sóller was considered. Due to the complexity of the route, a tramway was chosen to cross the city center and extend for 5km to Port de Sóller.

Traveling by streetcar is an unmissable experience when visiting Sóller. Along the route, you will be able to visit the historic center of Sóller (passing by the town market and the parish church of Sant Bartomeu), discover the distinctive Sóller citrus groves, or the municipal gardens until you reach the bay of Port de Sóller.

Departing from Sóller you can head to the station near the Plaza de la Constitución, where you can also connect if you are traveling by train. The second station, and the end of the route, is located in the port near the beach and the old military base. Along the route there are several stops located near points of interest.

The streetcar is not only a tourist attraction, for years it has been used as a means of transporting goods, making the most of the route from the port to the city to transport boxes of fish to the market, and making the reverse journey to transport the valuable boxes of citrus fruits to the ships that once sailed to the French ports.

The Sóller train

This is a must if you visit Sóller or stay at El Racó de Sóller. Experience the thrill of traveling on a 100-year-old wooden train and discover hidden corners of the island of Mallorca.

The Sóller train was built in 1912 to connect Sóller with Palma. At that time, Sóller was enjoying a thriving economy thanks to its famous orange groves and a budding growth in the industry, and it needed to improve its connections to consolidate its economic growth.

The construction of the railroad was a great architectural challenge, as it had to cross the Serra de Alfabia (in the Serra de Tramuntana) by creating several tunnels, bridges and trenches, most notably the 2856m tunnel that converges in the winding Coll de Sóller.

The route of the Sóller train is a marvel, passing through numerous tunnels and around countless curves to travel along the Serra de Tramuntana (declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2011). It is a breathtaking experience, transporting you back to the glorious 1920s: modernist-style stations, stone bridges, wooden trains and stunning scenery.

In Sóller, the train station is located in the central Plaza de España, where you can also hop on the streetcar. Normally, there are 4 daily departures from Sóller to Palma (2 in the early morning and 2 more in the early afternoon) and the journey takes about 60 minutes.

About Racó de Sóller

Located at the very heart of “Sierra de Tramontana”, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Racó de Sóller sits on over eighteen acres of olive groves and Mediterranean gardens with stunning views of the valley of Sóller, the mountains and out to sea. This traditional Spanish estate retains all its rural charm with just enough modern updates for a sophisticated, peaceful and private family friendly retreat.