By Racó de Sóller, 03 April 2023

Do you love sports and exercise? Do you want to enjoy nature in the most active way? Do you want to see Mallorca in a different way? If you answered ’yes’ to any of these questions, an active vacation is perfect for you! This post will show you a way of traveling that goes beyond spending the day lying on the beach!
El Racó de Sóller is the perfect place to spend your best and most active vacations. With impeccable facilities and complete services on offer, we must also highlight the excellent location in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana that will allow you to enjoy a fully active and unforgettable vacation.
Our villa is located in the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, and only 15 minutes away from the sea, a privileged location for the practice of outdoor sports, taking advantage of the winding roads that run close by for road cycling or downhill cycling through one of the ravines of the Serra or also taking to the water to discover the seabeds that lie off our coasts. These are just some of the ideas that we present to you:

Canyoning in the Tramuntana Mountains

The rock formations of the Mallorcan mountain range, together with the flowing rivers that originate in the heart of the sierra have created incredible streams and ravines over time. Canyoning has been an established sport on the island for more than 50 years since the descent of Gorg Blau was made for the first time. This canyon is one of the most beautiful gorges in Spain and even in Europe.
Gorg Blau is not an easy canyon, but it has everything you need to have an unforgettable day there. It is 4000m long, and descends 500m, in small stages of no more than 20 meters. There are 37 rappels along the route, and it is estimated that the route can be completed in about 5-7 hours.
There are other more accessible options for all ability levels, such as the "Torrent de Muntanya", a beginner’s canyon in the north of Mallorca and ideal for those who are starting out in canyoning and want to enjoy a unique environment.
Devote a day of your stay to canyoning and discover amazing landscapes sculpted over many years by the passage of water.

Climbing near the sea

The morphological structure of the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range makes it a perfect setting for sports climbing. Throughout the 30,000 hectares of the Serra de Tramuntana there are about 40 climbing areas, with more than 1200 routes for all levels.
Close to the villa you can practice climbing in the area of Port de Sóller, with some psicobloc routes we will explain what this is all about in the next point), and other sport climbing routes from level 6c to 8a.
If it is the first time you have tried climbing, we recommend you hire a guide who knows the area and can teach you the best techniques and safety measures  in order to be able to climb on your own.

Discover psicobloc

Have you heard of psicobloc? This is one of the most spectacular ways of climbing, and it is suitable only for those who are well prepared physically and are not afraid of heights.
Mallorca is the birthplace of this discipline, when at the end of the 70s, local climber Miquel Riera took advantage of the cliffs and arches of the northwest coast of the island to forge rock climbing routes over the sea. This type of climbing is done without ropes and without safety equipment and with the water underneath to cushion any possible fall.
One of the most famous and iconic routes is "Es Pontas", a natural arch in the south of the island, which American Chris Sharma made popular when in 2007 he managed to cross it in its entirety.

A scenic cycling route

This is a spectacular cycling route that runs around the Tramuntana mountain range along 167km and with a cumulative elevation gain of +2370m, and a demanding route within the reach of anyone in excellent shape.
Leaving Sóller we head southwest, crossing the towns of Deià and Valldemossa until we reach Esporles, where we turn towards Alaró by smaller roads. From this point we head northeast until we reach Alcúdia, where we will head towards Pollença and start the ascent to Coll de Cúber (930m), the highest point of the route. Finally, we will begin a rapid descent of about 15 kilometers until we get back to Sóller. A demanding and at the same time spectacular route  to see the landscapes of the island in all their glory.

The GR 221 route, a hiking route with history

The Gran Ruta 22, or Dry Stone Route, is a route that runs along the Serra de Tramuntana with more than 170km signposted, of these, 90 correspond to the main route between Estellencs and Esporles, to the southwest; and between Deià and the Port of Pollença to the northeast. The other 80 kilometers are from the different variants along the way.
Along the route, you can discover the dry-stone landscapes of the Serra de Tramuntana, as well as points of great scenic interest in this privileged area of Mallorca. Dry stone is the traditional construction technique used for centuries in buildings or to limit property. This construction technique consists of fitting stones or rocks together without the need to use cement to join them. During the route, which runs along the network of old roads, you will find some of these constructions.
This route is open throughout the year, thanks to island’s good climate, although it is in spring and fall when the colors of nature on the island and the tranquility of the surroundings make it even more spectacular.

Trail running in the heart of the island

The area of Sóller and the Serra de Tramuntana have been a training circuit for many runners for generations, among the most successful being Tófol Castanyer who boasts a long resume as the World Cup Racing Champion (2009-2010), Ranked 1st in the CCC of Mont Blanc (2011-2012) and champion of the Spanish Ultramarathon Championship (2015-2016) among other titles.
Leaving Sóller, you can take different routes of different levels. Here are two of our favorite routes:
- La "Volta al Port de Sóller", don't be confused by the name of this route... if you are looking for an easy stroll along the coast, this is not your route! The "Volta al Port de Sóller" is a demanding route of about 14km with an elevation of 500m that starts from the Port de Sóller and takes a circular route through different rural estates in the municipality. A lo Along the route you will visit farms such as Ca S'Hereu, Ca's Bernat, or the cobblestoned road of Bàlitx.
- Ascent to the "Penyal des Migdia" from Sóller. This is a very demanding trail route, especially for the cumulative difference in altitude of more than 1600m and a distance of 28km. You leave from Sóller (right next to the Sóller tunnel) and head towards one of the highest peaks of the island: the "Penyal del Migdia" at 1398m. You can descend the same way you went up, or along the road (if you have the army’s permission to do so).

Diving off the northwest coast of Mallorca

Explore the sea by diving near "Port de Sóller" and discover the wonders of the seabed. Whatever your level, you can trust the different diving centers in the area. As a beginner, you can start with a Discover Scuba or a diving course. The Diving equipment is provided by the school and they will guide you through your first dives. If you are already an experienced diver, you can dive in impressive nature reserves, explore caves or shipwrecks. For the most adventurous, diving schools offer night dives... Get in touch with some of the best centers in the area and enjoy your dive!
The Serra de Tramuntana is a paradise for sporting activities, offering you unlimited options to enjoy your active vacation, in touch with nature. Now you have no more excuses not to organize your unforgettable, active and action-packed vacations!

About Racó de Sóller

Located at the very heart of “Sierra de Tramontana”, a UNESCO World Heritage site, Racó de Sóller sits on over eighteen acres of olive groves and Mediterranean gardens with stunning views of the valley of Sóller, the mountains and out to sea. This traditional Spanish estate retains all its rural charm with just enough modern updates for a sophisticated, peaceful and private family friendly retreat.